We consistently look for ways to bring our clients more value and align with organizations that produce and publish the worlds leading business news, information and content. These partnerships provide our clients with premium access to news, commentary, data, and analysis otherwise unavailable on the web. We are confident these relationships will provide our mutual Customers with the best possible experience as it relates to finding the best content.

FellSoft, is a leading provider of integrated solutions for the LexisNexis® InterAction® CRM platform predominant in law firms today.

The global leader in the emerging field of Relationship Capital Management, BoardEx provides an institutional networking platform for professionals and business organizations.

LAC Group, is the leader in library management as well as cloud-based content delivery platforms. LAC’s distributed network of North American and UK-based researchers, librarians and information specialists offer complete end-to-end library management solutions and incremental offerings that augment existing in-house capabilities.

Handshake is the leading provider of Microsoft SharePoint Portal & Extranets to large law firms across the globe. Handshake’s offerings organize and surface high-value information, whether that information comes from an internal system or external environment.

The pre-eminent provider of blogs and social media strategy for the legal community and support, LXBN, a blog network of more than 60,000 posts and 8,000 professional authors, including some of the world’s most influential lawyers.

Recognized internationally for its authority and accuracy providing the latest international business, finance, economic, and political news.

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A business unit of TheStreet focused on serving corporate dealmakers, advisers and institutional investors the most sophisticated analysis of the deal economy since 1999.

Provider of legal, government, business and high-tech information sources.